Password Protect

Password Protect 3.2

Password Protect allows you to protect the sensitive data on your PC

Password Protect allows you to protect the sensitive data by restricting the access to folders or files. When files are password protected and these passwords are locked, the content of the files cannot be red, copied, modified or deleted.
In order to access those files you should submit the right password.
It is even simpler than that, Password Protect has a step by step help that you can use to choose and protect your files or folders.
In order to protect your folders you just have to right click on Windows Explorer and select the Protect File option. Choose your password, and that is it, your folder would be protected from intruders. When somebody tries to open it, an assistant would ask for the password.
Some Password Protect characteristics are listed below:
. USB support.
. Folders remain protected under DOS, Windows and other operative systems.
. Passwords are not saved in your hard disc or in Windows registry.
. You will be able to protect an unlimited number of folders and files.
. Password Protect works under Windows Explorer.
. You can just right click on the folder to lock it or double click to activate it.

Review summary


  • Unlimited number of folders to protect
  • Works under DOS
  • Supports USB


  • Trial version
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